New Law Says You Don’t Need To Wear A Mask, Get Vaccinated to Access Public Places

If you are asked to wear a face covering in a public place, refuse.
If you are asked to wear a face covering in a public place, refuse.

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The Montana Legislature passed a new bill in their 2021 session that makes it unlawful to issue criminal trespass notice to someone who is not wearing a mask or someone who is not vaccinated while in a publicly funded place.

That means you may enter public parks, county buildings, state buildings and even places that are only partially funded by taxpayer dollars, and you do not need to wear a mask or be vaccinated. This does not apply to private businesses, but does apply to public schools, which use taxpayer money for their operations. Missoula Schools cannot trespass a child for not wearing a mask. They will need to make a reasonable accommodation or face possible lawsuits.

House Bill 501, sponsored by Great Falls’ Rep. Jeremy Trebas (HD 26) and signed into law by Governor Greg Gianforte on May 14th, modified Montana Code “Criminal trespass to property” with the following additional language:

“It does not constitute criminal trespass when a person who lacks proof of vaccination or
vaccination status or fails to wear a specific medical device, such as masks or other facial coverings, enters or
remains in a public place paid for in whole or in part with taxpayer funds where proof of vaccination or use of
medical devices, such as masks or other facial coverings, is required.”

Subsection 4. Section 1. Section 45-6-203, MCA

One parent on Facebook asked Trebas, “How does this apply to schools?” He responded, “I’d guess enrolled students could be expelled or punished in some way but I don’t think visitors could be told what to do so long as they’re not unruly.” In response to whether or not the parent could use this to send their child to school without a mask, Trebas continued, “I’d say this. It’s yet to be tested. I sheparded the law through the process with specific intent, it’s now up to the judiciary to interpret it if used.”

We searched all the Lee Enterprise-owned papers, KPAX, NBC Montana, but could not find a peep from the local media about this new bill being made law by the Governor. It would seem it would be in the public’s interest to know this information.

A reasonable person might conclude that local media is acting as a propaganda arm for Missoula County, Missoula County Public Schools, and the Missoula County Health Department rather than a check on their power. Certainly the local media is not just as corrupt as the national media? 😉

I tested out the new law at Partnership Health yesterday when I went to get lab work completed. See the video in the link.

Read the bill text:


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